Prelude to a Special Grendel Reunion

Cotinga was certain that her home would be high atop the treetops of Albia, but she was slightly dismayed that no one wanted to visit her. No one, that was, except for myself! She tried her hardest to capture the hand and give it a friendly snuggle. With that as an impossibility, I showered Cotinga with a few loving tickles. I expected her to be very lonely, yet she never could wipe the smile off of her face. Maybe it was sheer joy, or maybe the mountain air had some sort of magical properties.

Nearby, Blackcap had finally coaxed Hypocolius out of the garden. I caught them in a very special moment, where it looked like the older Norn had stooped down to look at the baby Norn eye-to-eye. In just a matter of minutes, both boys went throw growth spurts and grew to the next life stage. It was at that time when Hypocolius was mysteriously transported via the garden teleporter so that he could catch his breath and have a real meal. All the excitement had turned his brain to mush!

My plan to reunite the Grendels fell offtrack when Euphonia decided that she needed to guzzle down as much hootch as possible. Adaon and Astrapia were speechless as they watched her stumble about and make a proper fool of herself! There really wasn't any danger, though, for she had kept herself happy with a honeypot and a refreshing shower. When Euphonia fell into a light slumber, I figured it was about time to give Adaon some attention. That idea failed miserably, as Astrapia was about to receive a very unpleasant visit.

Oh, antigens! This illness quickly took a lot of out Astrapia, and was made even worse by her falling into a deep sleep. Her life force quickly fell, yet her body seemed well prepared to fight off this monster. I was in a bit of a panic because Adaon and Euphonia could not stay far away from her. Luckily, the histamines which make an illness contagious in Creatures 1 had not hitched a ride into Astrapia's system. I always check for those two chemicals immediately upon learning of an illness. Time is of the essence when it comes to quarantining sick Norns and Grendels. Even if a few get infected at once, keeping them separate from the rest of the population can mean the difference between life and death. In this case, antibody 5 sprang into action immediately!

In the blink of an eye, Astrapia awoke from her sickly nap and was back in action. Previously, she had been rather upset all the time. This illness seemed to help her restart her system and get back to being a happy Norn again! Happy she was with her honey, and that little can of hootch proved to be another source of refreshment. With a decent number of Norns ready to start families of their own, it was interesting to see how the females had gone their way, while the males sort of clustered together. Apparently, no one was ready to grow up very quickly!

In all the mayhem, I had done my part to bring Arianllyn into the general vicinity of Adaon. As if it was meant to be, she took the lift at the right moment, and the two Grendels had a very happy reunion in the music room. Adaon was beside himself with joy at having both of his favorite things in one place: Music and his beloved! Arianllyn was so overcome with emotion that all she could do was tap her foot. Such a cute couple!

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