Four Ways to Bid Farewell to a Wonderful Alpha Couple

Four little eggs slowly started to grow in a cozy corner of the Chione caves. They were the last children from the alpha couple, and any males would join their brothers in the start of the alpha male succession test. All they needed was a little time to mature! Perhaps at least one would contain a boy.

Anshou and Ixenba took one last look around their home. The latter was interested in the scenery, while Anshou was his typical self as he stared at his beloved! This generation had flown by, mostly due to the friendly nature of the alpha male. With a less aggressive tendency, I was more inclined to prevent new births than to speed them up! I plan on seeing how well adjusted this next generation is before introducing any nanny Norns. The Updated Breeding Script from Creatures Heaven produced a very agreeable group of Norns. Part of the transformation may also have been attributed to having less Hardman Norn genetics in the population. In any case, Anshou and Ixenba made a wonderful couple who ensured the survival of the next generation!

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