In a Flash: Racing Through the Eighth Generation Norns

After earning her coveted tiara, Ixenba retired to one of Chione's caves to lay her egg. It was protected from all weather conditions, but she wasn't one to take any chances! The floating tuba plant seeds made the air feel a tad bit warmer, although Ixenba was fully concentrated on recovering. Lucky that she merely had to wait a little bit to get her figure back: No exercise required! I expected that it would be a long time before the next eggs made their way into the world. In the past, reproducing usually came as a last priority for everyone. I was in for quite a surprise!

In no time, little Quinya was proud to announce her upcoming triplets! She was still just in her youth life stage, but she was not one to be left out of anything. Unlike Ixenba, though, she laid her eggs in the wide open expanses. To make it even more challenging, Quinya chose to litter the side of the hill with her three eggs. Luckily there were no icy patches, or they might have slid all the way to the other side of the metaroom! I had also updated my CAOS codes to ensure that multiple births were enabled. Clearly, everything was working! Quinya then moved onto the exported Norns folder to join her ancestors.

Mayshi huddled against the cold wind... Or at least that's what it looked like with the position of her head! She was more concerned over the extremely tired look on Jeminisa's face, though. Was she ill from the cold air? Her slowly growing tummy told the tale without the need for a single word. The two eggs she carried would hopefully be daughters, so that her direct line could be carried onto the next generation. After a short nap, Jeminisa was ready to make it through the rest of her pregnancy without any problems.

All of the pregnant females were pictured all alone, or in the company of one other female. Where was the Norn responsible for this chaos? I found Anshou suspiciously watching a carrot in the ground. He seemed to question its existence: Was it here to challenge him for the crown? Did it have a smirk hidden away somewhere between its carrot-like lines? Anshou promptly devoured the carrot, and continued on his quest to bring the next generation to life as soon as possible. He was not one to ignore the females, as many of the previous alpha males had done! There was no need to prod him into being social.

In between my frantic egg collecting, Anshou and Ixenba's first egg hatched into a little female named Aberella. I snapped a perfect picture of her as she watched one of the tuba plant seeds floating through the air. By the world concept design, she was to be exported. However, I was happy to see that she had inherited some spots! Hopefully this meant that Anshou's Civet Norn appearance genes would be easily passed down. That Hardman Norn head was still omnipresent, though.

Not one to take a break, Anshou was soon resting quietly next to another pregnant female. Mayshi celebrated her foray into adulthood with a set of twins... And a nap! The alpha male had the decency to stick around for a few seconds this time around. The only female, other than the alpha female, was Gherissa. She had literally run far, far away from the craziness: She was on the other side of Chione! At least I knew I had a short break to start hatching the eggs. There was a slowly growing mountain of the multicolored orbs, and time was short. I only hoped that Anshou could take a nap or have a solitary moment!

Fortunately, Quinya's eggs were able to hatch in peace. Belisa, Cartix, and Defrim made an adorable litter, although I was sad that only one would remain in the world. With the luck of some of the other females, though, Belisa was a very welcome addition! All three exhibited some of their father's spotted body parts, although it was still interesting to see that everyone had their mother's Hardman Norn head. It almost felt like a curse!

Before I had a chance to move onto the rest of the eggs, Anshou and Ixenba had a pair of sly grins to share. I was excited for their twins, though, since the world definitely needed some young males to start their journey towards becoming the ninth generation alpha male. It all happened in a blur... First I was focused on the eighth generation, and already the ninth generation was becoming a reality! I had a new female to introduce to the next generation, although I also hoped that Jeminisa's and Mayshi's four eggs held a lot of females. Anshou was the quickest working alpha male in some time! However, his kind personality and lack of the excessive slapping gene made him quite the catch. I hoped these traits would be passed along to all of his children.


Malkin said...

I agree - it seems to be going so fast for these norns!! Here's hoping the next generation has enough members after the culling of the export button!

Discover Albia said...

It looks like the next generation might be a little on the smaller side again, though that's not necessarily terrible! At least I'm not stuck trying to intervene to get Norns interested in one another... Anshou is just one very friendly guy! Ha ha!

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