Back in Action: Return to Creatures Exodus

My recent goal has seemed monumental and a bit scary: A complete reinstall of Creatures Exodus. I checked and rechecked all of my backed up files, though I still had a minor meltdown thinking I might lose some of my Norns! Finally, and fortunately, I dove in to complete the process. I previously experienced a lot of lag, and the Wolfing Controls, accessed through Shift+Ctrl+W, disappeared long ago for unknown reasons. I also managed to correctly install C3/DS into My Documents, rather than having the files split between two directories. In the end... Success!

Prior to the general breakdown of my game, a pair of twins hatched! It might have been long ago, but hopefully many remember Quadra, the Deep Norn, who was a very interesting addition to the gene pool. The first of her two eggs crackled open to usher forth the life of Niharen. Being a male from an inferior female, he was lovingly escorted into the exported Norns folder. What a cute mix of different looks he possessed! His Deep Norn arms and legs matched up rather nicely with his head and body.

I was disappointed when Quadra's final egg revealed a male: This meant that her genes would not be passed along through the generations, though that was a risk I had readily built into the scenario. Ordod looked almost exactly like his father, aside from his funny tail! A brand new world is set to start up for the remaining Norns and those getting ready to move onto the next generation. Although my Creatures 1 world is my favorite, I forgot how much I missed these Norns!


Malkin said...

Glad the reinstall has gone well - I can't wait to get reacquainted with these norns. :)

Discover Albia said...

Thanks, Malkin! I was so nervous that something would go horribly wrong... I still have yet to import everyone again, but I have a feeling that things will finally be on the right track for this group!

CelineSSauve said...


(Sorry, I was not a Deep Norn fan. Especially when it was revealed to be Immortal.)

I lost two of my own worlds when I discovered that I would have to reinstall DS and C3 to a different directory in order for them to be able to dock correctly. Thankfully, I suppose, one was a Wolfing run and the other a much less interesting generational experiment than this one is turning out to be.

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