A Norn and the Seahorse of Life

Behind his favorite rock and under the watchful eye of his friend, the seahorse, Gwydion passed away at 11 hours and 32 minutes old. His funny bald head always gave me a laugh, and his last meal was a delicious carrot he ate just seconds before he collapsed from old age. His sole brain lobe mutation, which altered one of his state variable rules to affect his attention span, gave Gwydion a difficult ride at times. He went hours without eating, and could never fully focus on anything for longer than a couple of seconds. Anything, except for that seahorse. He had rarely left his lookout point, and I believed that little critter kept Gwydion from flitting about Albia. His three eggs would ensure that he would never be forgotten. Take care, old friend, and may you always find your seahorse.

There was a somewhat happier mood elsewhere in Albia, where Llyan suddenly found herself older and in the company of someone who looked just like her! Kaw had a laugh when Llyan revealed her insecurities about her snowy hair and shrunken proportions. After all, he had put up with these changes for a long time himself! At least now he had someone to grow old with, though he was already at a fairly advanced age. I still could not quite grasp how quickly this generation was coming to an end.

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